Flux is open again! However, this unfortunately does not mean everyone can walk around in Flux without a specific reason to do so. It will also not be possible to come by the Boardroom unannounced. If you need something from the Board, such as a PYNQ-board, ordered books or to...

Upcoming events

Mon 23 Nov (All day)

In the sleepy village ACCIdam has been besieged by werewolves for some time! Every night
certain inhabitants of the hamlet turn into human-devouring wolves, who commit hideous 
murders... murders that cannot stand the light of day...
What was only an age-old legend has suddenly become an inexplicably brutal reality! You villagers will have to unite to get rid of this plague, and make sure that at least some of you survive this spooky adventure! Join if you dare…

Mon 23 Nov, 19:30

Do you want the upsides of the CenThorion without the downfalls (pun intended) then this activity is just right for you! In this hyper calibrated super innovative version of the Centhorion you can participate from home! Now the only thing you can fall from is your bed! 

Tue 24 Nov, 15:00

You can still join this activity, but you have to arrange your own drawing materials.

Tue 24 Nov, 19:30

Are you the famed know it all who complains about getting insufficient marks while scoring tens? Do you really hate these persons and want to show them? Do you just like looking at interesting questions while squabbling with your friends? Are you none of the above? 

For you we present the newest iteration of the e.t.s.v. Thor pub quiz! We have carefully handpicked these questions on their weirdness, their coolness, etc. Or maybe we were just feeling like randomness. Who knows? 

Wed 25 Nov, 12:40

ASML is a Dutch company and currently the largest supplier in the world of photolithography systems for the semiconductor industry. The photolithography machines manufactured by ASML are used in the production of computer chips. In these machines, patterns are optically imaged onto a silicon wafer that is covered with a film of photoresist. These wafer are than further processed to create electronic circuits.

The subject of the lecture will be:

Wed 25 Nov, 19:00

Most places to get your delicious cocktails are now closed, but what if you could make some great cocktails yourselves? We have gathered the finest ingredients for the most extravagant cocktails you can imagine. The ingredients can be picked up on floor 6 in the beginning of the Dies week, so you can make the most delicious drinks with us from the comfort of your own home. There is room for 30 people, so be sure to subscribe in time!