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Batavierenrace Interesselijst

The subscriptions for the yearly student relay race, the Batavierenrace, are almost upon us. Therefore this subscription list to gauge the interest for the teams. Now what is the Batavierenrace? It is a relay race for students from Nijmegen to Enschede with 25 stages, in total over 180km long! The stages vary from 3.5km to 11km, and are further separated for men and women. More information about the race can be found at their webstite: https://www.batavierenrace.nl/. Not only will you be able to run, but at the end on saterday there will be a massive party at the campus of the university of Twente!

Until last year, Thor participated with only one team, and only for the past edition a second team was added. Now we want to see wether there are enough people to get two teams together again, a competitive and beer team. If we do not have enough runners for two teams, we will only have one team.

So if you are interested in running, partying of both? Then subscribe here now!

NOTE: This is not the real subscription form! Only an interest form to gauge the number of teams we will have to enroll, and to know who we need to keep up to date.


Monday, November 11, 2019 - 17:00


Subscription list

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