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[CANCELED] [Kvasir] Lunch Lecture Alliander

Climate change is ongoing and the Dutch government decides on renewable energy and CO2 emission targets for the next decades. The basic principles of the energy transition have been defined at the energy tables where representatives of relevant stakeholders have participated. In the upcoming years the realization of this energy transition will start and real life will be impacted by this transition. And so will the electricity grid be impacted as well.


Challenge for Liander is to assess the size of impact due this energy transition for the grid. The grid shall (as a boundary condition) facilitate the energy transition, although the local plans for all the local initiatives are still unknown. Typical initiatives are electric vehicles, solar and wind energy production, change of house heating systems and energy storage systems. What is the likelihood and size of adaptation? What will be the impact for the local grid?


Scenario development is necessary for planning of the future grid. At this moment key questions for Asset Management within Liander are:

  • How do you deal with scenario’s and the remaining uncertainties?
  • How do you define your future grid layout under these uncertainties?
  • Which new (technical and economical) tools do you need for stable and reliable grid operations?
  • How to optimize between short term operational constraints and mid-term strategic targets?


Bart Pluijms, a Senior Consultant for Electrical Engineering and an old board member for both e.t.s.v. Thor as well as DSD Waldur, will be giving a lecture about his activities with the company.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - 12:40 to 13:20


Flux 6.154 (Colloquium)

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