Genetic Substrate Carrier lunchlecture by Sioux

Sioux is an innovative technology partner that supports leading high tech companies in the development and manufacturing of their products. Within the Sioux group, CCM specializes in the field of mechatronic systems, ranging from initial design concept to final product.


One of CCM’s products is the generic substrate carrier (GSC). The GSC is a module that can be used in large industrial inkjet printers to transfer the substrate very accurately at high velocity through the printer. An unique concept is used where a substrate is temporary attached to a very accurately running metal conveyer belt. This is achieved by running the belt over segmented rollers, which shape can be deformed using custom designed actuators.


During the seminar a global introduction is given to the GSC and the design challenges encountered. To reach the high performance requirements, standard control techniques such as PID are not sufficient. A multidisciplinary approach is used where problems are tackled simultaneously in the hardware, software and physics domain. During this presentation focus is given to two methods that are applied to improve this performance: amplifier current loop tuning and learning feed forwards.

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