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Info meeting ReisCo

The ReisCo, or study tour committee, is a committee of 6-8 people which organizes a study tour to a country outside Europe. These tours last several weeks and are focused at getting acquainted with the business structures over there as well as getting in touch with other cultures. The committee plans the cultural tours and arranges the company visits.

Another important part of the organization is fundraising. A part of the trip is funded by the so-called case studies. The participants work for a company for a given time, which will sponsor the study tour in return. Next to that, companies usually sponsor the trip by other means.

Last summer holiday the study tour Spark has been organized, which went to Russia and South-Korea. Now we would like to organise a new study tour!

Are you interested in getting experience in interacting with companies, getting in touch with different cultures and obtaining some management skills? Then the Study Tour Committee might by just your thing!


Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 12:45 to 13:30


Colloquium Flux 5




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