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[LANCo] Minecraft Hunger Games

Thu, 2020-05-14 19:00 to 21:00

Everybody has trouble holding in their anger during this difficult periode. For this reason we organize the Minecraft Hunger Games. Be a Katness or a Pete. Fight against your friend or hide in secret and try to be the last one to survive in this difficult world. So sign up as fast as you can!

Ieder heeft moeite in deze tijden met zijn agressie inhouden. Daarom organiseren we hier bij de Minecraft Hunger Games. Wees een Katness of een Pete. Vecht tegen je vrienden of verberg je in het geheim en probeer als laatste te overleven in deze wereld. Schrijf je nu in!

Can't hurt to ask the Board hour

Wed, 2020-05-13 16:00 to 17:00

Are you interested in what the Board has been up to this week, do you want to ask us all about the latest developments on the TU during the Coronavirus outbreak or just want to ask us what we had for breakfast then come to this weekly Q&A on Discord where you can ask us everything you want! See you there!

Ben je benieuwd wat wij als Bestuur zoal gedaan hebben deze week, wil je ons iets vragen over de laatste ontwikkelingen van de TU op gebied van Coronavirusmaatregelen of wil je gewoon weten wat wij als ontbijt hebben gehad, kom dan naar onze wekelijkse Q&A op Discord waar je ons alles kunt vragen wat je wilt! Tot dan!


Tue, 2020-05-12 19:30 to 22:00

We are back with a new pub quiz! This time it will be just as diverse in topics, more diverse in answer styles, and hopefully a bit harder to Google (though some of them still require it, so no worries there if you miss your search engine :D). So if you and your friends, family, colleague or general fellow inhabitant of this world want to join a nice quiz with topics varying from Disney and Harry Potter to Cocktails and calculus, subscribe below! 

All questions will be in English, so internationals can most definitely join.
Like last time the quiz will be done via a Discord server, the link of which will be announced later.

En we zijn weer terug voor een nieuwe ronde pubquiz. We hebben weer diverse onderwerpen aangesneden en meer diversiteit in vraagstijl toegevoegd, dus het zal minder goed te Google'en zijn (al heb je je favoriete search-engine nog steeds wel nodig dus geen zorgen :D). Heb jij dus zin om met je vrienden, familie, collega's, vage kennissen of algemeen medemens een leuke quiz te doen, schrijf je in!

De vragen zullen in het Engels zijn, dus internationals kunnen ook zeker meedoen. Zoals bij de laatste quiz wordt de quiz gehouden via een Discord server, de link hiernaar zal nog volgen.

kandi reveal activity

Mon, 2020-05-11 19:00 to 21:00

The time has finally arrived! The kandi's will reveal their functions to you in this activity. We hope to see a lot of you here for this occasion. We will have an activity format in the Thor discord server to reveal the functions and afterwards we will stay in the discord server to talk so you can get to know us!

The Thor discord server can be found here:


Fri, 2020-05-08 19:30 to 21:30

Do you need a place to let your creativity go free during the quarantine? Or maybe you prefer to let your brains do something different than homework? Then iThor is the activity for you! You'll do fun challenges in a team either mentally or practically. The approximate team size will have a maximum of five, but feel free to join without a team as these can be made at the start of the activity.

The activity will be on friday, May 8, from 19:30 till 21:30 and will take place on Discord.

Also all the challenges will be in English so everyone can join!

Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven Beer boxes

Fri, 2020-05-08 (All day)

After the success of the Van Moll beerbox we at Het Walhalla searched a little further and found that city brewery Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven was also willing to help students get their daily dose of craft beers! That's why they made two special beerboxes for the customers of Het Walhalla!


Na het succes van het Van Moll bierpakket zijn we bij Het Walhalla verder gaan zoeken en wil Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven ook studenten aan speciaalbier helpen. Vandaar dat ze de volgende twee pakketten samengesteld hebben voor de klanten van Het Walhalla!


Box 1: Beerbox with online beer tasting (Dutch) €48,50

  • Brabantsche Weissheit
  • Naar de Knoppen
  • 40 Watt
  • Orchestra of Angels
  • Witte Dame
  • Non de Jus!

Box 1 contains 4 bottles of each type of beer.

You will get access to the online beer tasting (Dutch) where some beer connoisseurs and the brewer will help you explore the Brabantsche Weissheit, the Orchestra of Angels and the Non de Jus!


Box 2: Beerbox with Limited Editions! € 58,50

  • Brabantsche Weissheit
  • Quilty Pleasures
  • Euforie
  • Zwarte Bliksem
  • Heeren van Eynthoven
  • In de Verte
  • 4 Years Anniversary
  • Tallin Sweet little Lies
  • Till Death Do Us Drown
  • Blimey V 2.1
  • Blimey V 2.2
  • Merry Go Round

Box 2 contains 2 bottles of beer for every type.


Subscription link: here


Free delivery in Eindhoven region (20km). Otherwise €9,95 shipping fees.

Stadsbrouwerij will personally deliver them to your door. You can pay via a payment request at the door.

The boxes will be delivered in the week of 11th of May

Deal holds until 8th of May.


Gratis bezorging in gemeente Eindhoven (20 km regio). Daarbuiten verzendkosten á €9,95

Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven komt ze zelf bij jullie langsbrengen binnen de regio, daarbuiten zullen ze verzonden.

Betalen gebeurt aan de deur met een betaalverzoek of vooraf indien het verzonden moet worden.

De pakketten zullen in de week van 11 mei bezorgd worden.

Actie is geldig tot zondag 8 mei.

The Great Thor Bake Off!

Sat, 2020-05-02 12:00 to Sun, 2020-05-10 18:00

Originally we wanted to organize a nice afternoon of decorating cupcakes with all the women (and anyone else interested) of Thor. However, as all things these days, that won’t happen anymore.

Luckily, we have come up with a beautiful replacement. During quarantine you have a lot of time to pick up a new (or old) hobby. And why not let that be baking? It fills up your time and your belly! So that’s why we introduce to you: The Great Thor Bake Off!

Quickly get all your baking gear ready, as on 2 May we will start with the baking competition lasting until 10 May, so you have all the time of the world! The details of what you will have to do, will be published by then. If you subscribe before 2 May you will also receive the information in your mail! Leading up to and during the competition, we will share some baking tips with you. 

2 May update:

As of now, the Great Thor Bake Off has started! You have until 10 May, 18.00 to submit your best baked goods!

Of course we would not want to limit you in your baking as during these times supplies may run out quite often. This is why we have two very broad categories for you to participate in!

The first category is all about the looks! Sadly, I cannot taste all the amazing things you will bake, so appearance really matters. This means to win, you have to decorate the most beautiful cake, cookie, or whatever you like baking. This also means you can get prebaked stuff to decorate in case you have no oven available!
The only thing you have to submit for this, is a good picture!

The other category is however about the taste in a way. The goal here is to show off your most delicious recipe! Maybe you have mastered a special flavored cheesecake or the most delicious filling for a pie? Then submit it for this category!
As it is about the recipe, aside from a picture you also have to submit your recipe for this.

For both categories, you can hand in one submission each. It is allowed to have the same submission for both categories.

Submission will go via the Thor Discord, so everyone can see your beautiful goods and hopefully get inspired by it! If you are not yet part of the Discord, you can find the link in one of the news items on the website.
If you do not have Discord, please send it to me and I will upload it.
There will be a separate text channel for both categories and also one where everyone can share their best baking tips!

If the inspiration of others and the amount of time on your hands was not enough motivation to start baking yet, I can also tell you there will be prizes for the winners of each category!

If you have any questions left, do not hesitate to contact me! I can be reached via

[LANCo] Trackmania Competition

Thu, 2020-04-30 19:00 to 21:00

As the feeling of days passing us like cars on a race track... we can of course join them with the first of several gaming competitions! We will start off this range of epic battles within Thor with a Trackmania Nations Forever race against the clock. Try to get the best time of all participants within the timespan of this event, and become the winner! There might be even a prize available...


(If there will be prizes, they will be announced later)

Where is the kandi

Wed, 2020-04-29 16:30

The last couple of days you probably spent your time indoors more than ever before. Your thoughts may already be returning to the campus or adventures outside of our country. Here is your chance to experience some! An amazing activity in which you will discover every corner of the Netherlands and that without even leaving your own home! Not only will you go all Indiana Jones through the internet, but you will also enjoy the personal stories of each kandi regarding the location. A splendid activity already so sign up!

De afgelopen dagen besteed je meer tijd binnen dan ooit. Je gedachten gaan al weer naar de campus of misschien naar avonturen in het buitenland die op je moeten wachten. Hier de kans om dit om te draaien. Een geweldige activiteit waarbij je alle hoeken van Nederland ontdekt vanuit je eigen huis! Niet alleen ga je als Indiana Jones door het internet heen, maar leer je ook nog een de persoonlijke verhalen van kandi’s. Oftewel een pracht activiteit en schrijf je nu dus in!

Elective Space Workshop

Wed, 2020-04-29 14:30 to 16:30

Are you a first year student struggling to find the right courses for your elective space? Then we have a workshop especially for you!
You will get more insight in what your choices are and the different courses and tracks that exist! You will get the opportunity to ask questions about different courses and make sure that you choose the right courses for you!

Ben jij een eerstejaars student en weet je nog niet zeker welke keuzevakken je moet kiezen? Dan hebben wij een workshop speciaal voor jou!
Wij zullen er voor zorgen dat je meer inzicht krijgt in de verschillende vakken die er zijn en keuzes die je kunt maken in studierichtingen! Je krijgt ook de kans om vragen te stellen over verschillende vakken om er zeker van te zijn dat je het juiste pakket kiest!


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