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[Dies Natalis] Cantus [18+]

Mon, 2015-11-23 20:00 to 23:58

The best memories of a Thor member are of course the memories of the cantus during the ThEW. To relive these moments, a cantus will be organized during the Dies. During the cantus you will drink beer with your friends, but most important of all, you will have the opportunity to impress your fellow students with your singing skills.

Sing along with us and have a drink to quench your thirst.

You can enroll below for the price of €7,50. There are only 40 places, so be quick! You have to be at least 18 years old to enroll. 

€ 7.50

[ACCI] Tag

Mon, 2015-11-23 12:30 to Fri, 2015-11-27 12:30

Do you lack action and suspense in your campus life? Do you believe you were born to become a master assassin? Then team up with a friend and play the epic Thor Assassination Game during the Thor dies week! Watch each other’s backs while you sneak up on your targets and fight, duel and assassinate as many opponents as possible!


You can sign up at the Thor board room and participate for the low price of  € 1,50.

€ 1.50

[Dies Natalis] Opening Dies

Mon, 2015-11-23 12:30 to 13:45

The 58th anniversary of e.t.s.v. Thor will be opened with the traditional pie reception on the first floor of Flux in front of the cantine. This will take place from 12:30hr until 13:45hr. Free pie, coffee and tea will be available for everyone who wants to celebrate the beginning of this amazing week with us!

Excursion Allseas

Fri, 2015-11-20 (All day)

Always wanted to visit the largest ship in the world? This is your chance to visit the Pioneering Spirit; the largest ship in the world of Allseas! It's 447m long and 124m wide. During the Excursion on friday the 20th of november, we will visit this ship where we will have a tour, presentation and a diner-like drink afterwards. The Pioneering Spirit is a ship that can install pipeline installations on the sea-floor with a depth of 3km. Next to this, it can install and de-install Jackets (boorplatformen) in only 2 steps! For more information and animations you can visit

This excursion is organised in corporation with Simon Stevin, the study association of Mechanical Engineering. Round 11:30 we will depart by bus from Flux to the Maasvlakte (nearby the harbor in Rotterdam) and we will be back in Eindhoven around 21 o'clock.

FYI: there are only 25 places for Thor so be quick and subscribe yourself on this website or at the board room (Flux, 6.184).

€ 0.00

[ACCI] Party 1

Thu, 2015-11-19 16:30 to 19:00

Do you remember, as a child, you always wanted to be in a place with candy everywhere. The stories of a land with chocolate milk in the rivers, bubblegum and candy canes growing from trees. With cotton candy as clouds in the sky, chocolate sprinkles as rain and chocolate pumpkins and flowers growing everywhere. Now you have the possibility to come to a Candyland themed party. There will be multiple different candy games which you can play for a small price (you can play for just one stripe (streep)!!) you do not have to pay an entrance fee. Where is this great party you may ask? Where you go every week with you friends to get a break from studying. Het Walhalla off course. The party will take place at November 19th from 16:30 to 19:00. We hope to see you all there. And remember: stay healthy, eat candy. 

11e van de 11e party

Wed, 2015-11-11 16:30 to 19:00

Management Trainingsdag

Tue, 2015-11-10 13:00

Four study associations decided that it was a long time since the last ‘Management Trainingsdag’ (MTD) was organized. A management career is for many students an unknown area and underappreciated by some. The main objective is, same as in the past, to show what management careers can provide for students of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Applied Physics.

The MTD will be held at November 10, 2015 at the TU/e Science Park. The afternoon will start at 13.00u with a lunch followed by the three parallel cases. In the end drinks will be provided where the afternoon can be discussed.


Mon, 2015-11-09 16:30 to 19:00

Every year the Maandagploeg will organize the CenThorion. But not this year. This year the Board will organize this event to challenge the Maandagploeg! The idea is simple: you have to drink a shot glass filled with beer every minute, for 100 minutes. During this test you may not lean on the bar and a visit to the toilet is also forbidden. Can you handle the CenThorion? Come to Het Walhalla on the 9th of November and prove you can!

€ 6.00

Walhalla Goes Walhalla

Fri, 2015-11-06 19:00 to Sat, 2015-11-07 00:00

Many of you have heard of it, though only few of you have ever been there. It's time to change that and to let you experience the true awesomeness of the 'other' Walhalla. The Walhalla in Deurne is a bar, located inside the ruins of a 14th century castle. It was founded in 1964, which makes it roughly ten years older than our beloved Het Walhalla. Like in Eindhoven, the Walhalla in Deurne relies on the hard work of volunteers and serves beer cheaply. The Board consists of five people and, coincidencially, one of our Oude Bokken - TvN - has been a Board member there for over three years. He now invites Thor to visit his beloved castle. After Het Walhalla in Eindhoven closes, we will order food together. After dinner, we will take the train to Deurne. We will, of course, make sure nobody gets thirsty during the trip. At the end of this night to remember, a bus will take us back to Flux.


Mon, 2015-11-02 12:30 to 14:30

Begint de tentamen stress al in te dalen? Gelukkig kun je die na je calculus tentamen er lekker uit slaan tijdens de TV-Deco! 

Hierbij krijg je de kans een TV kort en klein te slaan met je eigen meegebrachte sloopgereedschap!

Degene die het meeste gewicht door een 7cm x 7cm gat weet te krijgen heeft gewonnen.

Schrijf je zo snel mogelijk, met 4 tot 5 vrienden, in bij het bestuurshok(Flux 6.184). Eerstejaars hebben voorrang.


Is de exam stress kicking in already? Luckily you get to release all your fury during the TV-Deco!

Here you will get the opportunity to smash an old TV into thousand pieces with your own demolition tools!

The group who gets the most weight through a 7cm x 7cm hole wins the event.

Please sign up as soon as possible, with 4 or 5 friends, at the boardroom(Flux 6.184). Freshman have priority.


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