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[SkelThorCo] Dynamo Deconstruction

SkelThorCo proudly presents the second edition of the Dynamo Deconstruction (alternaT(h)or dissasembly).During this workshop you will have a hands on experience with reverse engineering an Electromechanical machine!

Are you able to recognize all the parts and their function once you have disassembled your alternator? And can you determine the cause of death of your alternator? See if you recognize what you learnt/are learning at Electro-Mechanics in practice.

We will try to give each participant their own alternator, but if there are many participants we will put you in pairs of two. After the workshop you get to keep the alternator! We will also provide some tools and a fair amount of WD40, but feel free to bring your own tools if you have them. Also, it is recommended not to wear your fanciest clothes;)


Thursday, December 19, 2019 - 13:30 to 17:30


€ 2.00


flux lecture room (probably 1.12)

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