Monday, June 24, 2019

People who have known me for a little longer than just this year know that I have one thing I absolutely love to do when I find the time. I have not done it as much as I hoped or needed the last year but before that, whenever I could, I would take a nap.

I am an excellent napper since I can nap in all kind of places and positions. Since the summer vacation is coming up and I think everyone can use a nap after our busy years (whether it was studying, being board, being kandie of doing whatever else) I will explain my best tips and tricks for a good nap.

First of all, make sure you ignore everything around you. For example, when watching a movie with friends, just accept that you will not follow the movie at all and that your friends will catch you up afterwards.

Second of all, make sure you lie in a position which is acceptable for at least 2 minutes. Since the goal is to have the most napping time possible you will not notice any pain after 2 minutes since you should already be asleep.

Third of all, make sure you accept any and all drawings on your face, this is just something that can and possibly will happen when you take a nap. The best thing is to also accept the fact that then revenge can be taken by you whenever they take a nap or are close to you and a permanent marker.

Fourth of all, a nap is not a good nap if you do not brag about it to at least two friends. I think that David and Niek can say that, whenever I took a nap last year, I was bragging to them about it. Thanks for listening to that every damn time guys!

So now that you have all these perfect and easily applicable tips and trick, go and enjoy your nap! (although you may have to wait until you have finished your exams...) I hope that with this I have given you a useful last advice as President of Thor.


Dana de Vreede

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