Update from the candidate Board

Friday, September 25, 2020

Another week has passed by, in which the candidate Board has faced numerous challenges and has worked very hard to get up and running

First of all, Mike and Nick have met with Van der Waals to discuss the roof terrace. The layout of the roof terrace has been changed to welcome as many people in Het Walhalla as possible. We are also looking to the future. Since the winter is coming soon, we will not be able to use the roof terrace in it’s current state, because it will get way too cold. That is why we have also had a meeting about placing heaters and a make shift roof on the roof terrace. In this way, we hope to keep the roof terrace open, even during the cold days! 

We are also working hard to plan our constitution drink to celebrate the changing of the Boards with all of you. It would of course be ideal to have the constitution drink in Het Walhalla, which requires careful planning and a lot of protocols and timeslots etc. Nevertheless, it will all be worth it if we would be able to celebrate this day with all of you in Het Walhalla!

Lars has also been busy the last couple of days. However, he found the time to place the Thorsocks in the register, so you can all come by and get your own pair (or 4).
We’ve also had the first meeting of a working group who aim to support the candidate Board with all the trials and tribulations faced due to corona. We believe it’s very important to ask the opinion of you guys, so we can make the best decisions for Thor. If you want to stay in the loop, please send a mail to board@thor.edu to be added to the update alias!



David Blom

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