Study books

One of the main goals of the e.t.s.v. Thor is to provide good study material for the students of the department of Electrical Engineering. One part of this is selling study books at a discounted price. This discount only counts when you are a Thor member, which comes at the one-time cost of €25 (way less than the discount!) and gives you a lot of other advantages too.

You can now order your books for Q3! Because of the lockdown it will not be possible to get your books delivered to the board room, since the board room is closed. The books can only be sent to your home (or to a PostNL point). This means the discount will not be as large as normal, because it is more expensive for our supplier to pack all the books separately. We hope you will understand the situation. You can always order your books via our supplier Athenaeum Booksellers here: English / Dutch. Use the code SVTHO2021 to get 10% discount.

For other books that you buy from Athenaeum (study books that are not on our book lists or books for your leisure) you receive a discount of 10% for non-Dutch books. You can get the discount code SVTHO2021.

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