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Friday, June 1, 2018 (All day)

One of the important activities Thor organizes is a symposium. The goal of this conference is to discuss the advancement of technologies on a specific research area. Concerning the theme of the day lectures, workshops, discussions and demonstrations are organized. The committee consists of 4-6 persons.

The symposium takes a whole day and is focused around an upcoming technology and is full of interesting company presentations, sometimes it is extended with a case study or a workshop. The committee mainly plans the lectures, but also various different activities like a case study or a workshop. The symposium ends with a networking drink. The target audience varies from bachelor/master students, PhD students to faculty employees.

Another important part of the organization is fundraising. It is the main task of the committee to contact companies for sponsoring, to find speakers and to promote the symposium.

Are you interested in getting experience in professionally contacting companies and obtaining management skills? Then the Symposium committee might be good for you.

Thursday, May 31, 2018 (All day)

The BuEx is a committee of 4-6 people which organizes a study trip to a country inside Europe. These tours last a few days to a week and are focused at getting acquainted with the business structures over there as well as getting in touch with other cultures. The committee plans the cultural tours and arranges the company visits. Another important part of the organization is fundraising. It is a major task of the committee to contact companies for sponsoring.

Are you interested in getting experience in interacting with companies, getting in touch with different cultures and obtaining some management skills? Then the Study Trip Committee might be just your thing!

Sunday, June 17, 2018 - 23:00

Do you like travelling? Did you enjoy the SPARK that much that you want to organize one yourself? Or did you miss the SPARK but still want to organize an amazing trip to a foreign country outside of Europe? Then the ReisCo is looking for you! With the ReisCo, you will contact companies for foreign excursions and sponsoring, you will get to know the culture and business structure of the country, and you will make sure that the trip will go as smoothly as possible. The tour will be around 4 weeks in which you arrange the company visits and the cultural activities.

 Another important part of the organization is fundraising. A part of the trip is funded by the so-called case studies. The participants work for a company for a given time, which will sponsor the study tour in return. Next to that, companies usually sponsor the trip by other means.

Are you interested in organizing such a trip? Do you want to learn how to contact foreign companies and learn more about their culture? please send a mail to, or walk by the Thor board room in Flux 6.184.


Sunday, July 1, 2018 (All day)

Like every year there will be an introduction week for all the new students that are going to study at the TUE next academic year. In order to guide all these students we are searching for volunteers. The introduction week is a fun week for both new students (kiddo’s) and old students (parents) that are willing to make the best week ever. If you think you’ve have it in you to be a good parent then please subscribe here and become one of the guides.


What is your job as a parent?

When you become a parent you’ll be appointed to a group of new students that are going to study either Electrical Engineering or Automotive Technology next year. This group has a size of +- 8 new students plus you and your partner, the 2 parents. It will be your job, together with your partner, to guide these students through the introduction program. This involves for example;

  • Making sure the students get to the activities
  • Let the students get to know each other
  • Let the students get to know Eindhoven
  • Let the students have a great time
  • And more!


How do you become a parent?

You can become a parent by filling in the form on this page. We will register your subscription and contact you later for more information.


Important remarks

  • We’re only looking for Electrical Engineering or Automotive Technology students.
  • If you are a first year student and we have to many parents then you’ll have a lower priority then 2nd, 3rd or master students.
  • We might invite you to ask a few questions about your motivation.
  • A parent should be available for the whole week sometimes from very early to very late.
  • It might be smart to subscribe with someone that you already know. This however, is not mandatory.
  • You have to be available from 20 til 24 August and also on the weekend before the intro (18 + 19). Otherwise you can NOT be an intro-parent.



Sunday, July 1, 2018 (All day)

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