What would you put in your electro Christmas tree? (as Christmas is only 38 days away)

RGB-LEDs (to make the tree faster of course)
32% (24 votes)
Small 3D-printed Mjölnirs (only if the tree is worthy)
22% (16 votes)
8% (6 votes)
Candy canes (to give away to my secret lover)
3% (2 votes)
Bottle caps (those I got after drinking my Walhalla beer box)
3% (2 votes)
3% (2 votes)
Thor coins (for what can you use them else these days?)
1% (1 vote)
5G antennas (to scare away the gekkies)
26% (19 votes)
Other (Th)ornaments
3% (2 votes)
Total votes: 74

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